Clamp Position

Houston, we may have a problem. :rofl: My new assistant has arrived and I’m trying to set it up for my first cook. Problem is the clamp doesn’t seem to rise above the stainless steel sleeve and I don’t want to force it. I’m concerned the heat will damage to clamp, so my question is, does the clamp "go onto the stainless steel sleeve/tube, or do I need to wrestle it up onto the black plastic? I fancy that is the case because if it clamps onto the stainless the max will be at the rim of my Precision Container. Help!

The clamp, as far as I know, should only go so far up as the stainless steel sleeve, having the black plastic housing rest on it. Should be no reason to wrestle or force anything.
This also allows the Anova to be removed from the clamp, drained and cleaned, while leaving the clamp in place.
Hope that helps.

Thanks Patre. Very reassuring to a complete novice. :+1: