Cole Wagoner's pork taco's

Sous Vide Pulled Pork Tacos,

Followed the 18 hours, & used a taco mix as per instructions, pulled off a pretty successful first time air fryer bark (rotating exposed sides every 10 mins)

One came out very dry, which I think was down to me taking a long call before switching on the air fryer, the other came out very juicy, but as the wife was late & I was pre-prepping in anticipation of a timely arrival, lost moisture also (the instructions maybe should be amended to denote say rough shredding, not fine shredding) …as a taco virgin this aspect I missed adding to my “meh” buggered that up, may as well just scoff it, approach, …however it taught me a few things about fresh coriander which I don’t normally use, which I thoroughly enjoyed coming through the salsa (rehydration)

Certainly would have achieved the same texture in 12 hours (my meat was smaller than the 2-3 lbs, & was a use it (defrosted) or lose it, …glad I used it, for the bark experience & the insight to the fresh coriander flavour profile.

I need to expand my taco know how, but next time will also take the temp down to 145 F / 62.8 C for the pork shoulder & investigate taco type seasonings more if anyone has any pointers for me (thankyou)