Coleman Stacker - The Perfect Cooler

Thanks for the comments. Has anyone tried using the LIPAVI racks in the Coleman Stacker? It looks like the LIPAVI Racks are 6.6 in high and the inside of the Coleman Stacker looks to be 6.5 in. Are there any other racks that people recommend.

That’s a good question. I will measure the inside of my cooler and see how much space there is.

**Turns on his 3D printer… :smiley:

I ordered the 48 can coleman by mistake. turns out it migh have been a good mistake as it is about 4 inches deeper with all else being the same. might be handy for taller item cooks. cost 32 bucks on amazon. for some reason blue seems to be cheaper than other colors. go figure! Merry christmas everyone and happy cooking!

The 48 can Coleman Stacker also uses the same lid as the 24 can Coleman Stacker. Yes, this is a good thing. Now, you could pick up a 24 can Coleman Stacker to go with it. I got mine on Amazon for just over $16.

Thanks for all of the information Southern Dad! I just ordered my cooler on Amazon for $25 after reading several articles and threads. This one was the most convincing for me. I’m looking forward to lots of success with my new Anova!

Drill your hole with a 2 3/8" hole saw and drill from the bottom side of the lid. I chose the corner to place mine but some go with the side.

it’s totally made for it! They should market it that way cuz I think this sous vide thingy will be more popular than cold beer! (on second thought…)

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Am I correct that you don’t use the clamp for the Anova?

Just found the Coleman 24 can on the Coleman website for $19.99 with a coupon code “newyear” that will get you and additional $4.00 off. Even with shipping and tax it’s a little cheaper than amazon.

Not sure if you can get this deal outside the US or what the shipping would be.

No clamp necessary unless you drill the hole too big. (plus you cant attach it to anything)

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I have both the 24 - can and the 48 - can. They can use the same lid.

Hey guys would it be better to drill a small hole for the steam/heat to get out? Apparently on some older models the steam would go back up the Anova and damage the electronics.

On some older models? (they haven’t changed the design of the APC)

You want to make sure that you have a good seal around the APC. You either use a 2 1/2" hole saw, leaving yourself room to line the hole with a softer material or you use a 2 3/8" hole saw and the material of the lid will be against the APC. (I’m a fan of the former).

The “head” of the APC, where all of the electronics are housed is prone to overheating if hot water vapour gets in there. That’s why you should always use the APC in a well ventilated area - don’t stick it in a cupboard, wrap it in towels, or stick it in a corner.

Further down (just above where the plastic body starts) you’ll see the exhaust vents - they’re the reason you don’t want the APC in a corner…otherwise that heat could travel up into the head of the unit.

You really won’t get enough steam pressure to need a hole cut - also, by having your bath sealed you reduce evaporation to near zero.

Thank you sir!

Question - what about larger coolers that have drain plugs - will the heat cause the seal to break down? Short term or long term?

Hi Valerie! The Coleman coolers discussed here don’t have drain plugs but if you are using one with a plug I think the material inside the hole is the same as the cooler siding. Also the actual plug seems like the same material. If you have doubts you could possible get a wooden dowel from a hardware store.

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Just about any cooler will work. But some coolers will work better than others. There are several reasons the Coleman Stackers work so well. Lack of a drain plug is one of them. Both the 24-Can and 48-Can version of this cooler are not too heavy to move when filled. The shape of these coolers give plenty of room for the items to be cooked. The low height allows the unit to operate without having to be totally full. Many coolers are too deep and the Anova can’t reach the bottom. This results in a lot more water being required to operate. My round cooler takes five to six gallons of water to be able to operate. That’s a lot of water.

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Thank you - I chose the stacker 48. Going to do a Lamb shoulder.:slight_smile:

Works great using it right now.