Commercial Kitchens

Does anyone know if the Anova One is approved for use in a commercial kitchen? I run a small operation that doesn’t need the capacity of the model specifically designed for the professional kitchen. The smaller capacity model would be ideal. Thanks, in advance.

Define “approved for use in a commercial kitchen”

If there were some standard that equipment had to meet to be used in a commercial kitchen, I’d think that they would already advertise that it meets the standard. However I believe you have some specific requirements that you want it to meet, that aren’t standardised. So please elaborate on what your requirements are.

From the Warranty Provisions section of the Anova One manual:

4. Commercial Usage. Touch screen LCD is not covered under warranty if used in commercial environments. However the rest of the systems including motor and physical assemblies are fully covered.

The same page also mentions the warranty covers 1 year or 5,000 hours of operation, whichever comes first. That is 208 days so it’d have to be running continuously for over half of the first year.

I don’t think any of the Anova products have an NSF certification. The lack of an NSF certification does not specifically exclude a product from use in the commercial production of food but certification of the equipment does make it easier to pass an inspection.