New to Sous Vide and wondering if anyone has used a Styrofoam Cooler as an SV container?

Welcome Joe, if you are referring to the plain soft unsupported plastic cases used for shipping cold items they are only meant for single use. I know they can be wasteful, but they are cheaply recycled into useful items.

I’ve not tried one, but if your Anova clamp fits securely why not try it and advise on your result. I’d put a rimmed sheet pan beneath just in case of leaks.

Many thanks for your input - I will give it a try after the holidays and report back - what I referred to is an actual cooler with sides bottom and top about three quarter inch thick.

Joe, that’s what i was thinking of, plain thin molded Styrofoam.

What you want for durability is a leak-proof molded plastic shell filled with injected Styrofoam.

If your cooler doesn’t have the solid plastic walls you might want to sandwich the wall with a couple of pieces of rigid plastic, metal, or even thin wood to prevent the clamp from drilling into the wall, or maybe even breaking off.