Cooler Cooker

I have altered one of my small coolers into my primary container.

Cut a hole in the top (2 3/8" and then the gasketed lid seal works perfect for holding bags in place while cooking.

I also have a pvc holder I made for a larger cooler for doing racks of ribs and briskets. If you are interested I can post a pic of that too.


Please share pics. It may inspire someone else to take the plunge.

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The size of that looks like it would accommodate a lot of the sous vide racks that are out there as well (if you want to maximize how much you’re cooking at once) :slight_smile:

Looks like a great job!!! :slight_smile:

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Nice, looks great!!!

That cooler looks very cool, if I may say so :wink:


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What is the Brand, and Type and Size of the Cooler?

Engle 19qt.

can I use a styrofoam cooler as well or do you know

We just talked about this here: Coleman Party Stacker alternative for UK users and steam question?

I’m pretty sure you can use a styrofoam one.


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I have the same setup. (Well maybe my hole is more towards the middle). I love it. I can plug it in outside and run it for a few days doing ribs or other large pieces of meat.

My buddy has a similar setup, but his cooler has a split top. One half of the cooler top lifts up independently of the other and I like his a lot more.

With the single lid, if you want to check on things, you have to pull the cooker out and lift the top. With the split top set up, you can put the cooker on one side and then lift the other side to check on things.

Minor improvement, but definitely intend on doing it in my next cooler.

My friend bought his cooler at Walmart

The one piece of advice is to not drill in the can holes on top. My buddy did and it looks great (and fits) but because of the way it works, it opens a channel into the rest of the lid and that does fill up with condensed water.

The other problem with using a drink holder recess is that you’ll likely have the exhaust vent in the recess - which can overheat your APC due to insufficient air flow. You need to ensure the vent is above the lid of the cooler (which is why cutting the hole the size of the stainless cylinder works so well - the circumference of the vent being wider holds it above).

I just bought a see through rubbermaid one myself with a hinged lid and precut hole up top although I’d be more interested in a more insulated environment. Anyone have suggestions of something like this but see through?

You could get clever and cut a viewing window in a cooler and install some polycarbonate sheet using silicone to reseal.

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Thanks, I enjoy your feedback. I suppose I could get creative considering I’m an engineer. I’ll be sure to post if I make something of the nature.

Please post others pics and thank you for sharing I’m very interested

It is an Engle 19qt cooler

Nothing is glued so it is very adaptable to other coolers.

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Thank you very much for posting you did an excellent job well thought :thinking:

I started to use a styrofoam cooler but as I added water to it to cook a whole beef tenderloin, the styrofoam started to crack at the top. And it leaked at the bottom. Do not recommend it. Too flimsy