Cook temp/time on precooked ribs/chix

Our neighborhood grocer (because of the 4th of july} has 1/2 smoked chickens (reasonably flat) 2 to a pack in quality cryovac packaging. Also 1/2 slab sauceless smoked baby backs. Wasn’t sure of the best time/temp for reheat before popping on grill for browning. 140F for an hour seem ok?

Whybuy, your time and temperature will just barely get them warm. I’d be tempted to do them 30 minutes longer, particularly if they were held in a typical grocery store heated merchandiser.

Be sure to get their internal temperatures up to 165F on the grill. They won’t need any more cooking other than to get them up to a safe serving temperature.

I hope you got them at a great price.

Make it a great 4th!