Recipe ideas for the boat?

Looking for good recipe ideas. I am just getting started with an Anova and it seems like it would be great to use to prepare foods to eat out on the water. Our family has a small boat that we spend a lot of summer weekends out on the lake. We do have a small grill on the boat that we have used for things like hot dogs but have always avoided serious grilling due to time, mess and just having to deal with raw food in coolers etc.

Love to hear ideas on stuff I can cook a day or 2 before and just toss on the grill to reheat on the water. The less messy to eat the better :).

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Steaks & chicken are easy to cook beforehand, chill, then reheat on the grill.

I’d aim for the lower cook temps on steak, like 130F for 90 minutes and that way when you reheat, you can take it to a medium rare.

@colewagoner has posted some stuff on cooking chicken, then ice bathing it following by grilling. If you search on his threads, you can probably find the temps and times pretty easily.

@bthessel shrimp is one of my favorites, I haven’t seared them on a grill after sous vide - but I have a feeling that they’d come out even nicer! And they are so fast to make. I do them at 135 degrees for 25 minutes (precooked shrimp).

That’s not cooking. That’s reheating.

@acs Or, called a very smart shortcut :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t cook tonight, call Chicken Delight!

@acs *shrimp delight.


Touche, m’lady, touche.

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