Cook timeline graph

i’ve been smoking meats for years, and the temp probes i use have apps that track the entire cooktime and chart the temps in a nice timeline. i noticed that the Anova app is pretty barebones and doesn’t track the temps over time. it would be great to see if there was ever a dip in temp during a long cooktime that spans a day or night. i saw an old post from two years ago on Reddit where someone had done some basic coding to pull in information via the API. has anyone found anything that will work in this manner?

Any “dabbling” with API has been met with mostly committed silence on Anova’s part (clearly just like this forum it is something they’d rather not be involved in.

TBH a cheap digital probe for around £14 with that graph built in is your best bet, set it up on a different phone so you don’t adversely drain your battery (as well as shielding you from data grabbers using a phones movement to compile info around you.

I’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned the govee brand (calibratable before) & have used their customer service with zero complaints also.

Additional, & very importantly, use of a temp probe, placement needs to be placed so that the sensor tip is by the impeller circulator outlet, if anyone tries this, make sure your probe is not in contact with the stainless steel cowling, try an aquarium sucker that can hold (with a bit of adaptation) your probe so it is to the side but in the direct path of your anova impeller outlet.