Cooking cornish hens

Hi, I just received my precision cooker and am excited to use it. I have some frozen Rock Cornish hens and was thinking of cooking them. However, I can’t find any recipes for Cornish Hens on this site and don’t know how long or at what temp to cook them. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Hi Donna! Cornish hens are super easy to cook, and thank you for your question!

My go-to temperature for these little chickens is 150ºF/65.5ºC or higher to get the meat tender and delicious while making sure it is not too pink close to the bone. For a full hen, I recommend a time range of minimum 4 hours and maximum 8 hours. For a stuffed hen, I recommend turning up the heat to 155ºF to 160ºF and using same time range. If you “spatchcock” or butterfly it, you can reduce the time to 2.5 hours.

Hope that helps!

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