How do you cook steak and corn on the cob at the same time?

I’ve had great success cooking with my new Sous but i haven’t figured out how you cook steak and corn to be ready at the same time as the corn needs to be at a much higher temp

Set the cooker to the higher temp and cook the corn for the recommended length of time.

At the completion of that cook, place the bag with the corn into an ice bath to stop the cooking.
Set the cooker to the lower temp for the steak and add some ice or cold water to the water bath to drop the temp down from the corn temp to the steak cooking temp.
Once it hits temp, put the steak in.
Then put the corn back in.  The corn will just be held at the temp and not really cook any more.

I microwave my corn in the husk for about 4 minutes. Done.

I’m curious, has anyone ever tried cooking corn at a lower temp for a longer time? I think you might be able to cook it along with the steak, maybe take it out a second earlier and grill it really fast for some nice char marks and grilled flavor?

It is something I have to try out, but could be interesting.