Sirloin and Sweet Potato

Here’s my plan - I have two sirloin steaks which will be at 130 for 2 Hours. I have cooked this previously so am comfortable with that. One of my sides will be Sweet potato slices tossed in Garlic infused Olive Oil. The suggestion for that product was 194 for 30 minutes. So should I increase the temperature for the steaks and cook for a shorter period of time; of leave them at 130 and add the Sweet Potato to the cook earlier than the 30 minute mark. I want my Sweet Potato to be cooked, but still a tad firm.

As I said - that’s my plan. If I end up mashing my potatoes then I’ll chalk that up to a learning curve. But we do like the way the steaks come out at that time and temperature so I’d rather not change that if I don’t have to…

In advance - thank you!

Neither of your ideas will turn out. In the first your steak will be cooked beyond well done and the second idea your steaks will be perfect and the potatoes will not cook.

What I would do is cook your potatoes at the 194°F for 30 minutes. If you want to not use the stove at all I would add ice to the bath to lower it to 130°F and cook your steak. You can leave your potatoes in with the steak.

Another way to do this is to use a pot on a burner and heat the water to near boiling to either cook the potatoes entirely or to keep them hot. If it were me I would use the stove to cook the potatoes in their bag in a separate pot of water and do the steak using the sous vide machine. This way you can time them to both be done at the same time. I have 2 Anovas that I use for this type of cook… - thank you for your response. As you predicted, the steak was wonderful and potatoes practically raw, so definitely sticking that idea under “learning curve.” If I had the room, I would certainly go for a second Anova, but then I’d need a new house for the equipment pantry. But that’s a completely different problem. Thanks again!