Cooking edge of eye steak

Just ordered from Fresh Direct a one inch thick edge of eye steak. They describe it as the area between the chuck and the ribs. It’s about 16 oz. Not sure about how to cook this.

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Venango, that’s one of my favourite steaks, but it’s larger than usual if only 1-inch thick. I suggest you consider it to be a Chuck Steak because that’s mostly what it is.

Their description isn’t quite accurate if they follow USDA standards. Basically, it’s Chuck because it isn’t Rib, but the forward continuation of the Rib Steak’s muscles into the Blade Steak area. Moving forward the eye meat gets smaller and the deckle and cap meat are larger. I don’t mind that in a pasture-raised and reasonably well aged animal because it is both tender and flavourful meat, - and often relatively inexpensive.

I usually suspect it’s ungraded or USDA Select if not stated and treat it like a Blade Steak, then SV cooking for 8 to 24 hours depending on the cut.

If you buy meat at a grocery store late March and early April are usually an excellent time to stock up on your Summer steaks as prices start rising steadily now due to increasing demand. I watch for a sale on blade steaks and pick the ones with the largest “eye” and the least amount, or no, flat blade bone. When you get them home cut the “rib eyes” off below the bone, vacuum package, SV cook if you wish, and freeze. Trim the bones from the remainder and save that meat for stews, braises, or grind/process for your summer burgers.

That was probably a lot more than you wanted to know from a short question.
Happy cooking.

Thanks for your answer. I’ll be experimenting .