Cooking Fish

Any tips on removing cooked fish from the bag? I made salmon and cod on two separate occasions and both fell apart as I attempted to slide the fish out of the bag.

Add oil and spread it around the bag before sealing, use a spatula/fish slice. Alternatively, cut the bag open on 3-4 sides. Personally, I wonder if you’re overcooking your fish a little, if it’s falling apart so easily. Or maybe you’re cooking a big piece?

I am cooking according to the recipe directions but I was thinking maybe cutting the fish into portions might help as well as just cutting the bag open. thanks for your suggestions and I will try them!

I’ve often found that when I cook fish sous-vide, it tends to hold together rather well. Then again, that could also be because I like my fish a little on the underdone side. Try oil, too. Just a light coating should suffice. Good luck!