Cooking Meat and Veggies at the same time?

So if I want to cook chicken at 146.3 for 1.5 hours and I also want brussels sprouts at 183 for 30mins / how do I do this and avoid cooking them separately? is there a way to drop both in and adjust the time and temp to accommodate both items and do efficient timing?

cook the brussels sprouts first, for the full 30 minutes.

you then could leave them in and lower the temp for your steaks, or move them to the fridge and add them back during the last 20 minutes of the steaks cook.

leaving them in may alter the texture, but i suspect that it wont alter significantly. however, i have never tried.

fridging them and adding them back later is probably the better bet, and i’d give them a quick blast on some cast iron and butter too.


Hi @dwmay1!

Great question. @Walter_Ego’s response is great! Try cooking your brussel sprouts first, then cook your chicken after. Let us know how your meal turns out! Drool-worthy pics are also welcomed. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh, chicken. i don’t know why i thought it was steak. i was probably hungry at the time.

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@Walter_Ego I am always hungry. I understand! Lol.

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What about Frozen Vegetables? Since they’re par boiled, do they still need to cook at 183? Or can they just go in at the same temp as meat? Maybe 129F?

That’s a really good question. I can only imagine that 129F would be enough for frozen vegetables. Maybe someone who has experience with this will jump in, because I am interested in this question too.

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Blanching vegetables doesn’t hold them at temperature for long enough for the pectin conversion to complete. The blanch and quench process for home freezing is about maintaining colour vibrancy. But most commercially prepared frozen veg are snap frozen at lower than -18C to retain colour etc. rather than being blanched anyway.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping I’d found a loophole.

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I hit this problem the other day, after I had a trial and error episode with carrots and potatoes earlier in the week I learned that the veggies should have been at 87DEGC for about 50mins. As a new user to sous Vide and the Anova I had success with pork, then chicken and was about to try my first rump steak and wanted the meal to be all perfect.

I did the veggies at 87DEGC for 50mins, cooled them and then put in the fridge - only seasoning I used was salt, black pepper and a knob of butter for the carrots, salt and black pepper plus some lazy garlic for the potatoes.

Later I put the rump steak in for 2hours at 60DEGC (I like mine medium) in the last half an hour before the steak finished I popped the potatoes and carrots back in. Everything tunred out great and the veggies perfect, also best rump steak I have ever had, just pre-seasoned with black pepper, salt and a tablespoon of virgin olive oil in the bag before dooking. Then quick sear 90 secs a side, add a few tiger prawns and lovely surf and turf.