Cooking small game such as rabbits and squirrells.

Does anyone have any experience with such animals and a S-V? I’m a hunter and have a freezer full of meat I normally braise, slow cook, smoke or fry. Anyone ever use the S-V for any of these, any suggestions.

Thoughts for your squirrel:

Hi @foodmedic

No experiences personally, but there have been discussions on the forum in the past that I think you’d find helpful. Do some searches (maybe try using “hunt”, “venison”, etc as keywords) and I think you’ll dig up some good info.

And post any good results you have with your own experiments. My sister and brother-in-law are avid hunters and she recently purchase an Anova. :slight_smile:

FM, small game has a few challenges for SV cooking, but it can be done well. I suggest you break down the body into pieces that you can package in relatively flat components to achieve favourable water contact with meat surfaces so the heat can defuse evenly.

Wild harvested animals are typically lean and well muscled which is why the are so well suited to lengthy braises or low & slow cookery. SV can enhance edibility as it preserves natural meat juices while achieving tenderness if you keep the cooking temperature below 150F.

Rabbit legs can be cooked using a duck leg confit recipe and make an interesting meal when served with the more tender loin and meat from the front legs.

I would also consider brining to further enhance the juiciness that missing in most small game. A big sprig of rosemary in the cooking bag is particularly good with rabbit parts.