Wild Boar - Sous vide?

Hi guys,

I’m planning the food for my birthday late marts, and I would love to try something from a wild boar, but I haven’t tried it before. Does it make sense to sous vide wild boar, and, if, what should i get and how to cook it?

It is relevant to mention that it is for 10-12 pers.

Thanks in advance!


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Have you already tried this out? What were the results? I’m assuming you have - since it’s several months later! I didn’t find any recipes in the app or on the site - but I did find this:

How to Sous Vide Pork and Boar


I’ve been promised a leg of wild boar, but it hasn’t turned up yet. :cry:

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Haha. Have you tried cooking it up yourself? @Ember

Teehee. Have sent the great white hunter out a couple of times chasing some feral pigs that some ijit let loose one the edge of the national park here. No success yet.

But I have friends that have recently been interstate on a pigging trip. Their kids told me a fortnight a go that there was a boar leg for me in their freezer and it would be dropped off next time they were in town.

I have cooked meat from a wild x landrace but that was in my pre sous vide days.

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Very cool that were able to go out and hunt your own food! Never hunted, but I have been curious about it. My guess it’s better than factory meat ;). Are you considering sous viding the boar leg?

I had been thinking of curing it, but it depends a little on the size, etc when (if) I get to see it.

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