Cooking Time - Reheating Cooked Brisk?

I don’t know if anyone has been to Cooper’s BBQ in Austin but they have the absolute best Brisket in the world!!! I was there 3 days and ate there all 3 days.

I just got my Anova (just for this) and have not used it for anything. I also just ordered from Cooper’s online store. They are shipping me an entire fully cooked brisket. It will come frozen in a vacuum sealed bag.

They reheating instructions are to thaw it fully and then use an oven or microwave to get the center temperature to 165 degrees. I understand how the Anova works but I have NO idea how long to cook it for. HELP!!!

I’m excited because I can’t imagine a better reheating method then this to have it not dry out.

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That sounds awesome! Sous Vide is definitely the best route. It all depends on the center thickness. I would say if it’s 2-3" thick that 2 hours should be plenty.

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After the SV reheat, I’d shove it under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp the bark back up a bit.