Reheat frozen or refrigerated Brisket

Hi folks
I have cooked a great smoked brisket and sliced and vacuum sealed it into 2 person portions (500 gram or 1lb).
Has anyone had success reheating sliced brisket from frozen or refrigerated and what temp / time did you use?

Frequently done over the past 50 years, it’s one of the significant benefits of SV cooking in advance of service.

Reheat at same, or slightly below SV cooking temperature to maintain precise doneness.

As you probably already know, thickness is critica factor in timing.
Use it.
Heating times based on thickness for thawed and frozen meat are displayed in Tables 2.2 and 2.3 respectively in Badlwin’s fine work that you should get to know and love.

I usually reheat my leftover or frozen bbq at temp 140 for an hr or 2. With beef i usuall vac seal it with beef broth or the left over aus jus and it comes out great.