Cooking times vary with similar recipes

Hi I’m new to the Anita blog and would like some clarification on cooking times and temperatures. I want to cook boneless chicken breast but have noticed in the recipes provided that the times vary quite a lot, whilst the recommended temperatures vary slightly. Any reason for this? , and what would the community recommend? Thnks

When cooking proteins the texture of the finished product is important. For example you will see that there are a number of different times and temperatures for the simple pork tenderloin. They are all safe to eat but the textures are different. You need to see what your diners like and remember those settings.

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Ok thanks John , that makes sense. I was just interested to see such a variation in cooking times for say chicken breast and subsequently concerned at the outcome. I will persevere.

Getting people use to a new texture for say chicken takes a few tries. Everyone has gotten use to chicken roasted in the oven or fried and with sous vide it is much moister and more tender. Same with pork products. I started out putting the chicken in salad to break them in slow.

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