Current leakage

I received a new precision cooker and installed to a metal pot. If I didn’t wear shoes and touched the metal body(pot) during operation, I felt electricity. If I worn shoes, I didn’t feel electricity when I touched the pot. Is it normal?

No, that is not normal and is huge safety hazard. Please contact to get your cooker replaced.

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It’s not always the cooker, it can be the ground connection in your home that is not working as it should, wiring problem …

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This ^
I’d let an electrician check your wiring but it is not unusual that you can “feel” the electricity when charging devices like phones or computers.
Try it in another outlet and try it at someone else’s place.

The problem with trying it somewhere else is dangerous as you are the “test instrument” It might be worse and could injure or cause death. Find someone that has a voltmeter and knows how to use it if you go the try somewhere else method.

That doesn’t sound right to me! I’d message support so they can further dig into this issue!