Developer Video Review offer?

I’d taken Anova up on the developer first-use video review offer from last year. My review now has over 2,800 views on YT. I’ve mailed Angela multiple times to complete the offer of an additional unit but no response. I returned my dev unit a few weeks back for updating and a new one showed up the other day. Great, finally got the one for the video review! But now Customer “Service” tells me that was a replacement instead of an upgrade and I need to start a new ticket for any follow-up. So back to square one.

Did any other developer take Anova up on the “film a first-use review in exchange for an additional unit” offer? And did you actually receive one?

I waited until the new year to start asking so they could catch up on orders. Hopefully I won’t have to change my video description to something like “unit works, but…”


@tgross Thank you for checking in, we’re so sorry for the delay and appreciate your participation! So to clarify, you’ve received a replacement for the developer unit instead of the firmware upgrade, and you’ve not yet received the additional unit, correct? Or was the replacement unit supposed to be the additional unit and the upgrade was never provided? Sorry, just want to make sure I’m on the same page! :blush:

Hello Jordan. The unit I received last week did not have any paperwork with it. I assumed it was the additional unit since it was new and not the f/w upgraded dev unit I had returned earlier in the month. I replied to the original ‘return label for the dev unit’ email and they replied no, the one I received was a swap for the dev unit and to open a new CS ticket if I had any other questions. I did that on Wednesday, copying the email chain with the new ticket. I’ll PM you the email chain, if that’s possible on this forum.

I still suspect the new unit received last week is actually the “additional” one but without paperwork on that or an RMA number on the dev unit I sent in all I can go by is the return email reply. Earlier emails to Angela about progress on the additional ‘video review’ unit never got a reply.

Thanks for helping sort this out.

Don’t see a way to PM on this form, but I attached the recent email chain to the support ticket I opened Wednesday.

@tgross No problem, I’ll take a look and chat with the team about it so we can get it resolved. It may take a few days but I’ll get an answer to you as soon as I can and will provide any updates along the way.

Also, to PM, you can click on someone’s user name to go to their profile, then on the right side opposite the user image there is a little message bar with an envelope next to it.