Disaster happened - suddenly full heat and blown circuits

Last weekend I was preparing and cooking for 45 people and when processing 4 kg of roast beef, disaster hit me hard. After about 2 hours, the 220V Precision Cooker boosted to almost boiling, the bags melted and cracked open, and then the fuse blew. I was downstairs sorting vegetables for 15 mins, so this must have happend fast. I could not pick the meat up with my hands – it was steaming hot!

The day before, we where testing temperature for perfect scrambled eggs, and the Precision Cooker suddenly gave off a long beep - my first one ever. Just unplugged and started over, and it worked fine that evening.

The Precision Cooker is from January 2015, and I’m wondering if I should try to repair it? It needs a thorough cleanup from all the meat juice, and I’ll just have to see if it blows the fuse again. Anyone have any cleaning tips?

i will try the iFixit page and see if at least I can clean it, before testing it again.

The outside tube comes off and gives you access enough to get the rest clean. The tube is a little stiff and it feel a little like you are forcing it, it is a partial twist to unlock it.

I had one from early on and had the experience of having it go full blast but no fuse blown. I got it to go again a couple of times, then was not able to. I replaced it and have shielded the temperature dial from moisture which I thought was the basic problem.

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Hi @vrolfsen, what a disaster to have your precision cooker malfunction during dinner prep! @RichardOL is correct in explaining how to clean the cooker. @AlyssaWOAH, do you have any other suggestions?

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Woops! I thought I responded - but I failed to hit ‘Reply’!

Hey @vrolfsen - I would definitely go ahead and clean your unit, that’s might be the answer to the problem! We do have a a couple of resources. I’ll link below:

How do I clean my precision cooker?

Cleaning the circulator

Disassembling and reassembling your Anova Precision Cooker

Also, if it continues to be weird, just send a quick note to support@anovaculinary.com and we’ll be more than happy to troubleshoot the issue! :slight_smile: