Do trays slide in poorly?

I am not an oven owner yet, but I have a ‘pre’ question:

In the video below a guy did a bread on a baking stone. The sliding of the tray looked really poor, trapping constantly.

I wonder it this has been addressed/fixed or is it still an issue? Is there any workaround?

I have a round Pizza stone, so not even the full width of the oven. It’s nearly impossible to slide the shelf with the stone on it. The shelf sags in the middle from it. I tried a wider stone so the weight was more evenly distributed but then the shelf wouldn’t move at all.

I don’t think there is a workaround for that. I have the same problem when I inserted a heavy steel on the bottom shelf (to help recover temp faster when opening the door to insert food). Perhaps when they have a version 2 they could look at Breville"s countertop oven and use the same sort of coating on the inside that makes it WAY easier to slide in the racks (and clean).

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Just don’t do what I did the first cook and put he shelves in upside down :laughing:

Finally I got an oven, and yes, the trays slide in extremely poorly!

Might be the surface of the left/right panels have the wrong surface treatment.

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Mine slide fine when the oven is cold… but horribly when it is hot (which is when one needs a quick slide.)

My new one is a bit “sticky” but the older one slides fine. Never sticks. So maybe it takes time to wear in.

Also wonder why the guy in the video didn’t just use a pizza peel to put the dough on the stone???