Do you use a torch for searing ?

Why, or why not ?

I bought my military grade flame thrower (not really, but one might think so :slight_smile: lol) from Harbor Freight for $28 and it works fantastically :slight_smile: Funnest part of the whole SV cooking :slight_smile:

So then I see people talking about pan searing, which to me, doesn’t sound as good, at least from the standpoint of being able to concentrate the heat right where I want it (like, the fat shoulder on a lot of meats)

It’s super convenient too, that I have my torch hooked up to the same 20lb propane tank as my BBQ’er, with a propane splitter. And then, best of all, I use the BBQ grille, as a perfect place to lay the meat while torching (searing).

So I was watching this vid, and he makes the comment at 7:15, that if you use a torch alone, its going to make your meat taste like a gas station !? Really ? I haven’t had that problem at all. But I did notice, that he had that searz all turned down really low. I crank my torch up so that it gets so hot, the flames are basically invisible in day light (telling me that the fuel is being fully combusted)… Until they hit the meat and the fats will flare up with yellow flames.

Anyway, if you use pan searing, and you think this is better than a torch (for any reason “other than” convenience… because for me, the torch beside our grille is already the most convenient) I want to know what those benefits are.
Thank you :slight_smile:

PS, If you use an actual wood or briquette BBQ’er for searing, I could see a possible advantage in taste, but that would be waaay less convenient. By the time my meat comes out of the SV, I want to be hammering on it, in less than 10 minutes :slight_smile: lol

The gas station taste can be the result of using propane with an improperly adjusted flame. Some people don’t notice it. I do. As you know, you want as little yellow flame as possible on your meat when browning.

Using a torch and cast iron pan simultaneously gets you hammering sooner.

Professional cooks use butane fuel to avoid the off-taste. The Iwatani brand is widely available in stores that sell to restaurants. However, it is definitely not your military grade product.

You really wouldn’t want a military or otherwise flame thrower. A flame thrower uses gasoline to spray fire to use as an incendiary weapon. What you bought was a weed burner. Weed burners are fun as a show, but you use an awful lot of propane for the use. Cast iron is a great searing surface. You can use a salt block heated in the oven. I like charcoal, there are ways you can greatly speed up the coming to temp. There ate those who like the searzall, but i personally find its overrated.

Yea’, I know it’s not an actual flame thrower.

As far as using a lot of propane… Eh. Propane is cheap, and it’s hooked to a 20 lb bottle.

But I’m totally sold on torch searing. Don’t need all the grease splattering in the kitchen either. And again, I can direct the heat right where I want it. And I can sear a couple steaks both sides, or a whole roast in a couple minutes… Perfectly… Every time :wink: