First attempt at tri-tip steak

I received a nice tri-tip roast months ago and finally got around to cooking it. The range of recommended hours for sous vide was wild, running from two hours to 24. I elected to go with nine hours at 130 degrees and was delighted with the results. I first defrosted the meat overnight and the next morning liberally applied salt and pepper. In the meantime I made a mango-red pepper salsa and as the end of the cooking time got nearer, I made a batch of bear wide sauce. Once done, I took the steak out to the grill and blasted it with my flamethrower. Got rave reviews! The meat came out as tender as a filet mignon.

That sounds great. Slightly off topic question - could you let me know what make & model flamethrower you have, please? I’ve been trying to source one but all I can find are basically just toys. I’m in New Zealand, by the way.

What I call my “flamethrower” is actually just a cheap weed burner that you attach to a propane tank. The term was used by the lads at Sous Vide Everything, a fantastic YouTube series that is great to watch. Here’s a link to a sample from a US tool store. Only 20 USD!

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If you have a grill you can use it to safely hold your meat while searing it. Another thing you can do is to use it to preheat the grate to give you grill marks if you desire them.

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That’s exactly what I do, including hearing the grid first to get the grill marks. Stumbled upon that by accident. Since it only takes about a minute or less on a side, I end up using this method all year round, even with snow on the ground!

Holy Guacamole Batman! (Or should I say human torch?) That looks like more fun than one man should ever have! Can you smelt iron ore with it? How long do the batteries last? Is it fire department approved? LOL. I needs me one of those. :imp:

It’s a blast—literally!! Sounds like a jet engine and while I barely open the valve on the propane tank I still get a foot long flame. Needless to say, you get a great sear. I use it when I need to sear a beer or pork roast, too. Less smoke in the kitchen and less cumbersome than turning the meat in a skillet or Dutch oven. Definitely a “guy” toy!

OK… I just bought myself a christmas present. The deluxe model cremation machine! $29.99. here’s the website. You must watch the demo video! (pay attention to the guys smile as he pushes the turbo lever!) I’m going to try it on the weeds in my driveway first but after that, anything is fair game! Hope my dogs keep their distance.:rage: Then I try it on the steak tips.

Oops! Got too excited. Here’s the site.

Have fun! Note the almost total lack of instructions! In today’s hyper-safety world, I’m not surprised they don’t write something like: “Keep hands away from front of flame”… :::joy:


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