Propane weed burner for searing pork ribs

Searing sous vide pork ribs on a propane barbecue usually results in too much inedible charred meat because the fat dripping catch on fire and the fire burns the meat. So I thought to try a propane weed burner ($20 at Harbor Freight, $15 with 25% off coupon). The weed burner worked great! It created a good sear with almost no inedible char. I posted the video on Youtube:



You missed a spot.

That thing does it a whole lot faster than my searzall

i am somewhat scared

If you were doing a steak you could also preheat the grill grate with the torch and get some great grill marks.

Have you tried creme brulee?

That looks like fun. I sooo want one now. Trying to torch a small creme brûlée might be tuff but if you needed to do 100 at a time this would be great! How could this item have slipped by me all these years? Are they even legal? Thanks for the video, I’m off to go buy one now

Spare ribs are a lot less fatty than baby back ribs, so they’re much easier to sear on a grill without catching on fire. I cook them in a marinade, pat them dry, and brush very lightly with a little oil.

When my husband isn’t around to sear things on the grill, I use an Iwatani butane torch.