Double Recipe

Hello everyone. Wondering: if i double a recipe, do I also need to double the cooking time?


You mean like instead of cooking two chicken breasts, you’d like to cook 4? Short answer: no. If you’re cooking meat or something can be placed in one layer (not stacked), you will not be changing your cook time. What are you planning on cooking, btw?

Thank you! I’m trying one of the egg bite recipes in the small mason jars.

With that, the question then becomes ‘What size mason jars are you using?’ If they are the same size as in the recipe all is fine, but if you’re using larger ones you may need to extend your time slightly.

It’s all about time to get the heat to the centre of the object being cooked. That’s why thickness matters more than overall size or weight.


Thanks Ember. I used 4 oz jars. Followed the 1 hour cooking time and they turned out great.


@mattymo Wohoo glad it worked out for you! :slight_smile: