Creme Brûlée recipe question.

I’ve recently purchased my Anova and delighted so far.

I have tried a creme brûlée recipe and it was delicious. I want to make it again but with a larger portion size.

So if I double the quantities and put into larger jars, do I need to double the cooking time.


If it were me I would increase the number of containers, use a larger vessel for the water and keep the same timing. I like doing creme brulee in individual serving containers in the traditional way so I get a good layer of caramelized sugar on top for each guest.

I think the answer to your original question is “It depends”. If the distance to the center of the mix does not change (bigger flat dish) recipe would not change. If distance to center increases I would increase cooking time. Having never tried it I don’t know by how much. Nit sure if it is proportional to thickness like meat.

Psi, you want to build on your success with a larger portion size. SV cooking times with increased mass are generally not quite linear, often longer, but dependant on both the larger jar used and product volume.

I would do a test batch of the larger portion starting with double the time. If unsatisfactory try 10% longer each time until you achieve perfection, or close enough. Welcome to the world of recipe development.

Be certain to keep written detailed records of each test batch and don’t change more than one variable at a time.

Thanks for the replies.

Tried double amount of mixture in 4 290ml vessels for 2hours.

Worked perfectly.