Egg bite attempt with crab meat

My idea was to get some egg bites, but my egg and crab didn’t release from the jar at all so I just tightened the lids and put them in the fridge. Now I have crab to eat all week.

I loosely distributed a pound of crab meat to 12 4-ounce oiled jars. Then I poured a mix made from 7 large eggs, 3 tablespoons of flour, a generous tablespoon of oyster flavor sauce over the top. I cooked them for an hour at 165F.

I found that the product was a bit underseasoned so I put some chili sauce on top to eat. Next time, I will mix the crab and eggs together and include some herbs.


What do you mean the crab and eggs didn’t release? Sorry, didn’t understand that part!

I wanted to get them out of the jar in one piece. They stuck on the sides and bottom

@RichardOL Oh I understand now. Idk if you already tried this, but try using a butter knife around the edges to loosen. Then turn the jar upside down to get the egg bites out.

I tried to use olive oil to coat the jar because I didn’t have any butter. I will try butter dusted with flour next time as is used in baking.

I’ve found a brief blast in the microwave, 15 secs or so, can help release them. But I definitely find an animal fat makes for a better release than an oil.


Looks really tasty, you’ve inspired me! :slight_smile: