Excessive Fluids After Anova Cooking in the SV Bag

Hi SV community, i recently experienced excessive cooking fluids in the SV bag after cooking. One time with a 450gr Pork Loin (Cooked at 62C 3hrs) and another time with a 800gr Tbone steak (Cooked at 57C 2hrs). Both according to anova recipes.
The pork loin lost 15% in weight and had a full cup of cooking fluid in the bag after SV cooking.
The Tbone steak had about 3 cups or 24oz or 0.7 litres in the bag after SV Cooking, and was also still not cooked/very rare.
The SV Bag was not leaking. The meat was not frozen
The amount of fluid looked excessive, it was like broth. It looked like i was cooking in a soup rather than SV-ing a steak or loin.

Something is not correct here.
What could be the reason for the excessive fluid and how can we prevent this to normal small fluids.
Can anybody shine their light on this?

Your temperatures are quite high. The higher the temperature the more fluid will be lost and the more your product will shrink. Your 62C for pork loin is very close to traditional internal temperature. There is no need for things to be cooked that high, unless you’re after ‘well done’ meat. If that’s the case, you’re always going to loose more moisture from it than you will cooking it at medium rare temperatures. Higher temperatures makes the muscle fibres tighten which will squeeze more moisture out.

i followed the temp that was provided by Anova in their chart for Medium and of the recipe i found there. Yr explanation sounds logical though.

So from a 800grs meat piece you had 700grs liqui in the bag. That liquid has to come from the water bath otherwise you’d be left with almost no meat at all.

Recipe/cooking temp/duration are not the issue. The sealing of your bag is

There appears to be a problem here. 450 g pork loin, 15% weight loss. That means the loin would have weighed 382.5 g after cooking. 450 g – 382.5 g = 67.5 g. 1 cup is 236 ml (US), or 250 ml (metric). 236 / 67.5 = 0.28. That’s less than one-third of a cup, not a full cup.

800 g t-bone steak. Density of lean meat is around 0.96 g/ml, call it 1 g/ml for simplicity. 700 / 800 = 0.875. Around 85% weight loss? That is just about impossible.

I don’t doubt that there was a lot of fluid in the bag. But, as presented, those figures appear impossible, unless water got into the bags. All that liquid cannot possibly have come out of the meat.