Exchange 220v anova machine

I bought a anova sou vide machine 110v spec on 16 Feb 2016, but I found that Malaysia only can be used on 220v spec machine.

So I returned the 110v machine to Anova on 23 March 2016, and Anova staff - Ms Marilatte agreed to ship the 220v spec on April 2016.
Until today, I still didn’t receive any feedback from Marilatte, and I email to her but didn’t reply me anymore.

My request number is 131888.

If Anova company really not ship to me the machine, I will post on internet and complaint again.

@low Hey there, sorry about that! I’ll take a look to and flag this for our team, so we can get you a new device. Our international / 220V devices have just begun to ship out, so this may be the reason you haven’t received it yet. Can you provide me with your order number?