Extended run in Vinegar Bath?

I’m using the Anova to do a controlled fermentation of a sweet miso at 113F. This is going well and should finish off in a week or so.

The thing is 113 is a great temperature to create a breading ground in the water bath. I’m considering using a diluted vinegar bath to prevent yeast and bacterial growth. My ferment is in a jar with its lid above the water level, so I’m not worried about contamination. But after 2 days, I noticed the straight water bath getting cloudy (I’m sure there is some liquid leaking out of the miso primed with fungus).

I’ve seen that diluted vinegar is recommended for short cleaning cycles. Anyone know if extended cycles would damage any of these components?

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which despite being a weak acid, may still corrode metal upon prolonged exposure. To keep your water bacteria-free, might I suggest alcohol (ethanol) as an alternative that is more safe for your cooker? A cheap bottle of vodka emptied into the water bath might work in a pinch, but you’ll have to read up on that.

UVC light can kill bacteria. An aquarium filter with UVC lamp does the trick, they are rather large though.

Alcohol is seldom a problem solver, but here it may works.

Another thing, keep your tank if possible in total darkness. Light accelerates bacteria growth.

Vinegar can trigger corrosion in 304/V2A steel. I am not sure what type they use, maybe a higher grade (I doubt it) but better be on the safe side, even though your concentration is very low. Plus, I guess it will smell pretty bad in the hot water.

@Stephen_Hollabaugh personally, I’d recommend checking to see if you have a home brew place near by. There are several different non- reactive, non-corrosive, no rinse food grade sanitizing agents out there that would probably for your needs.

If your miso is in a light tight vessel in your bath, there are several options for UVGI/UV-C options for under 100 USD.

Contrary to what another suggested, keeping your bath in the light will help keep some microbial activity at bay. Bacteria, molds, fungi, and yeasts like warm, damp, dark environments.

Good luck!

…but algae love light. Anybody that had a kids pool in their garden for a few days in the sun knows that.

But you are still right, there are plenty of other bacteria and some don’t like light. But all organism hate UVC.

You just haven’t found the right problems yet.

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