Fluctuating temperature - issue

Hi All,

I’ve just received my precision cooker and I fired it up straight away.

I’ve set it to 60c and slipped in some lamb chops for the first go. My issue is the temperature is wilding fluctuating between 57c and 63c, up and down, up and down. It doesn’t seem to be able to keep the temperature even close to the required degree.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


Wow, sounds defective. Mine keeps the temp very steady.

I believe the suggestion is to cover your cooking vessel to keep steam/heat in. I’ve seen some fluctuation in mine as well but nothing that hasn’t been corrected by covering the vessel

Yesterday I ended up putting it in a bigger pot and the temp variations went to close to around 59c to 61c, still not very accurate.

I’ll try covering the pot and see if that helps. Could I just do it with tin foil / alfoil?

Funnily it seems fine today. There is more noise coming out of it today, it seems like the fan at the bottom wasn’t spinning yesterday. Holding temp well today.