New Precision Cooker won't maintain Temp

I borrowed a friends older model precision cooker (800 watt version). I was able to maintain a 190F temperature in a 6 quart pot of water without any problems. Pot did not need to be insulated or covered.
I ordered a newer model (1000 watt version). Tried it out using it in the same pot with same quantity of water. It would maintain temperatures that I set until I got above 170F. After that point the machine would increase the temp. by around 2 degrees, then drop by 2 degrees. It would just fluctuate back and forth, would never reach 190F. Contacted Annova support, tried all of their suggestions (change F to C and back, reset the unit, etc). I ended up sending it back and just received the replacement unit. Still having the same issues.
Is there a problem with the newer models not being able to maintain the higher temps? The older version worked fine. The newer one will maintain any temp up to 170F, but above that it fails.I even tried wrapping a towel around the point and covering the top, but to no avail.

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I only have the older models so I am of no help. However, I have not heard of this specific issue.

We have two of the new PRECISION WIFI model. Both will hold temps 170+ without too much fluctuation but only if covered. We use the ANOVA silicon cover. Towels do not work as well covering as Saran Wrap.

Thanks for the responses. It seems odd that up to and including 170F the machines are rock steady, temps will not fluctuate more than .1 to .2 F. Anything above that is very unreliable. I have contacted support and they are sending me a third one, but I have my doubts. I’m wondering if nobody really uses the machine for temps that high, so no one noticed a problem.
FloridaBob, just out of curiousity, how high of a temp have you tried to cook at and was the temp very stable? I’m thinking there is a change in design which is leading to the electronics more vulnerable.I tried sheltering the unit to steam but that didn’t work either.

175F and once it hit that, it did not fluctuate much at all. Below 175 it was +/- 2 degrees…