FoodSaver Moist Button / Manual Operation


I want to use my FoodSaver (link to model below) for sealing “wet” food, i.e. foods with a bit of liquid, which can get sucked out during the sealing.

I’m trying to find some links to resources or videos which can help show how to use the “moist button” or the “manual operation” on my model of FoodSaver. Any help is appreciated, thank you!


I’ve not used that brand, but I assume that it works the same as others. The Moist button adjusts the duration that heat is applied to the sealing element to allow for bags that may be cold and damp with moisture. The idea is that it allows time for the moisture to evaporate before during the seal time.

There is also a gentle function, that simply stops the vacuum pump as soon as there is the slightest resistance against it.

The manual Manual button is for the sealing element. It operates the seal function. Useful if you buy your bag material in rolls.

A search on youtube showed this:

Is that what you were looking for?

Noted, thanks!

Nice,thank you