Multiple (redundant) seals with Foodsaver

I have had problems in the past with poor seals using Foodsaver- generally because I hadn’t properly cleaned the seal area. I figured out a pretty good way to make multiple seals with my automated Foodsaver machine.

Foodsaver automatically seals approximately 3/4" (18 mm) from the edge of the bag when inserted into the sealing slot. There doesn’t seem to be a way to trick it into sealing closer.

Here’s the method of making 3 seals:
Make sure ends of bags are cut straight.
For “bottom” seal with empty bag, start with a normal seal.
Cut approx 1/4" (6mm) off the bottom of the bag and seal again.
Repeat one more time. You should now have a triple-sealed empty bag.

For the top-
Cut the bag a little long.
After filling with food, clean the seal area inside the bag.
Seal normally, then cut and re-seal as described above.
Since the additional seals are inside the first seal, there will probably be some moisture but the machine seems to boil it away as it seals.
I find it works best to have my Foodsaver machine at the edge of the table and let the food-filled bag hang down vertically. This way all the air goes out before liquid starts being drawn up.

Give it a try!

@JimQPublic Thank you for sharing! Very helpful :smile: