Foodsaver vacuum sealer on sale soon

If you are just using zip-lock bags to cook, and I do for many foods, you may not feel a need for a vacuum sealer device. But if you think it’s time to buy a sealer, here’s some timely news.

I see the Foodsaver vacuum sealer that I own is going on sale starting Sep 28 in the USA. This is the one that helps you not use excess plastic material when making bags because of it’s design. While not an industrial model, it’s served me well for over a year. It’s to be $100, which is $50 less than normal price and $20 less than the lowest price I’ve seen in the store. – This is from in the big box reseller based in Seattle whose name starts with a ‘C’.


Which Foodsaver model?

FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 Food Preservation System

Thanks, not in Canada, may need to do a trip “south of the border” :wink: