Funny Observation

I just bought the Ikea VARIERA rack on Amazon and the “Frequently Bought Together” shows a Cambro container. The other day when I was looking for the Coleman Party Stacker it showed a 2 3/8 hole saw. I’m sure people that are just looking for a pot lid rack or a ice chest are wondering why those items are bought together.

It looks like the Anova Community is taking over parts of Amazon.


ahahahahaha goood one :smiley:

BTW I’m also using VARIERA rack :slight_smile:

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And I bought the cooler/hole saw combo thru Amazon. #WeAreEverywhere

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Wow…I just looked that up on Amazon and they’re selling one rack for $13.91 (or a set of 2 for $29.97, what a bargain!) while claiming that the list price is $19.99. And yet the exact same rack sells at Ikea itself for $6.99 (regular price).


I saw that too, but the shipping from Ikea is $10.00. The closest Ikea to me is 100 miles away so I decided that Amazon prime free shipping was a better deal.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing. I have a wife, and I wish the closest Ikea to us was 100 miles away. :wink:

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Amazon isn’t always the best deal, that’s for sure

True. In Amazon’s defense though, at least in this case, they’re not the ones doing the selling. They’re just doing the fulfilling.