Good bbq chicken thigh recipe?

I am looking to make some bbq chicken thighs for memorial day and would love to use sous vide to make sure the chicken is nice and moist. Anyone have any good recipes? I dont have a smoker so want finish in a gas grill. Thanks!

There are a few recipes for bbq chicken in the recipe gallery on this site.

Hi, lordbodom

I try to keep a couple of handy ready-to-go food items on hand - tuna fish and cooked chicken thighs. My favorite way of cooking chicken thighs and breasts is sous vide. I’ll generally default to thighs because I prefer the flavor and the portion size of a modern chicken breast is often more than I need for a single serving. The sous vide method guarantees that these will be moist and flavorful since the juices are sealed in and the meat doesn’t get hot enough to dry out.

My default recipe doesn’t call for seasoning the chicken since I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it when it’s time to eat - might end up as tex-mex grilled chicken, buffalo chicken salad, blackened, grilled and served with a Cesar salad or what ever strikes my fancy.

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs should cook in about an hour, I normally go 90 to 120 minutes to be safe. Since sous vide time is based on thickness of the food being cooked, I’ll normally go to 120 minutes for chicken boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

I hope you will be as tasty as me. I cook on an ordinary portable grill. Therefore, I think that the model of your technique will not affect the taste of the dish.