Good thing Anova sold out early

Their QA/QC is the worst I have ever seen. My first Anova lasted three years. Anova graciously agreed to replace it for free with a refurbished model. Three in a row failed and Anova agreed to furnish me a fourth “NEW” unit. Tonight I placed two filet mignons and a flank steak, set temp at 130F,a nd walked away. later I hear a beeping. The temp indicator is still registering 74F, but obviously it heated the water so hot that it got low. My perfect Filets are now like shoe leather, well done, The flank steak, which I usually cook for 48-72 hrs, a total disaster. This product is a piece of some excrement from a dog. Please do not buy this product. Oh and I am sure some sweetie from CS will get in touch with me to offer a new one. My goal is to go on Amazon also and report my troubles.