Worst QA/QC in biz

Hi, I just received my THIRD refurb replacement. All three have been DOA. The first two were heating issues, this one the propeller is hitting something as it turns. There is inherently something wrong with your QA/QC for refurbished equipment and maybe something wrong with your overall QA/QC. It gives me really serious consideration to trying another brand.

I waited for this unit to come in, and now I am past the timing for the $50 off promotion you were running. As you can see I am steaming mad about having three units all fail in the first seconds of using.

Please advise to Anova’s anticipated course of action in resolving this matter. I have been without my SousVide for several weeks now because of Anovas ineptitude in QA/QC.

Attached is a video of the machine straight from the box when it was first turned on today.

Hey @tw69 - really sorry to hear about that! That’s def not a normal thing and I can understand why you’re frustrated. Shoot a message at support@anovaculinary.com so we can figure out exactly what’s going on with your device. Support can also help you out with the promotion we had going on.

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