Grill inside - kind of suicide?

Hi folks,
My family likes grilling and for this purpose we have Char-Broil Classic 405, it’s quite satisfying and worth its cost. The only disadvantage is that there are some wide-known troubles of grilling outdoors in winter. Now we think about purchasing a tabletop grill for home use. If somebody faced with this kind of grills? It would be just great to hear from you. The most important question is what about the ceiling? I’ve heard that smoke spoils the ceiling, doesn’t it?

Smoke and fat over time will discolour paint. Has been the same for decades… centuries even. Modern paints are more easily cleaned than old varieties.

Hi and welcome Gwen from an ex-Southie.

Indoor grilling has its challenges. Ember’s correct, cooking vapours precipitate on all cool kitchen surfaces necessitating regular cleaning/de-greasing. The flat micro-fibre mops with swivel joints work well when you frequently change the pads.

There’s no escaping them except for having as much filtered ventilation as possible directly over the cooking area. That’s a minium of 250 cu ft / min per linear foot.

Please don’t expect any tabletop grill to compare with your Char-Broil’s results. A cast iron griddle straddling two induction units would likely deliver the most heat to your food indoors if you can tolorate the splatter. It will be a made for wash and wear experience.

There is also a good chance that having a charcoal grill inside will set off the smoke detector. It is also a fire hazard that I would not risk.

I grill outside in most weather except the coldest days (below 0° F). Grilling after a snow is enjoyable in part because you smell what is cooking more intensely.

Thank you for warnings, you are right. I have not such a good ventilation system for this purpose. But what about using electrical grills? I found some here, they look safe. Of course, nothing can replace charcoal grill, but burning the house down or CO inhalation is not a solution. Do you have experience with this type of grills? I’ve never taken them seriously, but I’m the kind of person who can get ill because of a cup of cold water… So grilling outside in winter is not the best option for me

I have used an electric grill near an open window in doors and it worked OK. It was not, however, in conjunction with sous vide. My memory is that it is not nearly as hot as charcoal for searing. I am not sure about the ones on the market today.

There is always cast iron grill pans.

I also prefer to use grill for home. It is possible to take outside summer and to use inside in winter. I think that it is wonderful

I also prefer to use the grill for home. It is possible to take outside summer and to use inside in winter. I think that it is wonderful to have this option. Portable grills are the thing now, because you can use them in winter if you have a place for it. You don’t want that smoke in the house, really. I use them more in the winter because, in summer you are making grill for the whole family, and a small grill can maybe help a little, but you need the real deal. Grill in winter is a rare thing, but I am a person who eats ice cream in the winter, and grill is a normal thing for me.