Searing, without the firemen coming to investigate. Porter Cable 1500 Watt hot air gun OUTSIDE

As I’ve mentioned before I am on vacation in rural Florida, Floral City. Our landlord has an ADTD security system with motion detector, alarmed doors, windows and smoke detector. Twice now, each time I have seared boneless country style ribs, the smoke alarm has gone off and the FD come to investigate the alarm. Once was amusing, twice was embarrassing. Not again I hope.

The ribs are in the SV, due out at about 1600. I am not going to pan sear (avocado oil 530ºF smoke point). I will try my Porter Cable 1500 Watt electric hot air gun.

I looked for sensible recommendations / reviews but to no avail. There are videos of hot air guns being used but …

I talked myself out of a Searzall torch tank.

I did notice effectively used charcoal chimney grill starters and I will try that when I get home. I have an old Weber 22” that I have kept up over the decade. I do a four hour grill roast chicken that is a favorite. To leverage the Weber will be a plus.

Sunday Milady Wife and I rode to Swampy’s Restaurant in Dunnellon, Florida, a 55 mile round trip. Monday was recovery day off - and cleaning. Today Tuesday we’ll do a little 15 mile round trip. Then the weather is iffy until a Rainbow River float, Saturday, to Swampy’s again - how we discovered the place after a float operated by the shop next door.

I bought one like this a long time ago along with a case of butane canisters. I use it for high smoke saring sometimes. Butane has lasted me a long time.

Hmm. Interesting. This is my old camping stove and fuel bottle. It might work too. But I am counting on charcoal grill chimney.

I recommend the Weber chimney and a grate over the MSR stove. The chimney will get HOT! Don’t turné your back on it with flod on.

The 1500 Watt hit air gun seemed to work well. Milady Wife complimented the boneless country style ribs.

I’ll try again. Importantly, the FD did not visit last night.