To Sear

Anyone have a recommendation for a good, yet inexpensive torch to sear with?

I happily and frequently use a Searzall on a Bernzomatic TS8000 torch.

Very inexpensive relative to an ANOVA Precison Oven.

Further, I have purchased an adapter that allows recharge of my 1# propane bottle from a 20# jug.

Thank you.

I use a very small Green Egg knock off grill. It reaches very high temperature quickly and when I put the lid on and shut off the air vents the charcoal goes out quickly. I can reuse it several times. It is also good for doing all the other grilling chores for small meals.

I have an overfired 1500 F bayou unit but still more effort than pushing button on 5000 F torch.

thank you for the info, now I know what to get the granddaughter.

Benzomatic TS8000…and I skip the Searzall. Note that buying propane tanks is cheaper at Lowe’s etc. rather than ordering from Amazon. Home Depot charges $15 for a small tank of Map-Pro gas (burns hotter) or around $7 for regular propane. Each tank can last me a year or more…your usage may vary. The Searszall is a nice gadget, but simply using “air brush” strokes with the TS8000 accomplishes the same thing.

I use a Su-VGun, that is a fancy looking torch. It does a nice job.

Just be aware you may taste gas flame residue… can be somewhat off-putting as it is close distance compared to a regular gas bbq grill (distance / proximity) …precisely why I stopped using gas flame to sear things / do a quick cheese on toast (till the air-fryer came along)