Searzall which fuel?

I got a Searzall, and the recommended BenzOmatic TS8000T torch. The torch recommends using a MAP-Pro cylander, but states that the torch is also compatable with propane. The Searzall recommends using propane. I was reading another post (regarding searing of meat) and a poster wrote that the MAP cylander didn’t cause “torch taste”. I was under the impression that the Searzall made it so that there was no torch taste, as the direct flame from the torch is “redirected” through the head. Am I correct in my assumption? Propane would be ok to use?

No, you really can’t use the MAP gas at all with a Searzall (they used to tell you that on their web site - think there was also a pamphlet in with mine when I got it originally). It’ll destroy the Searzall.

You have to do your initial setup of the Searzall the way that Booker & Dax recommend.

They have a great video on YouTube for this:

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I think Map gas is too hot.I think i read somewhere that it ruined the gauze that spreads the flame

hi fischersd, thank you so much for the video, it was very informative and told me what I needed to know, which tank to get! And the demo on seasoning thr Searzall was good too. I’m sure I got a pamphlet with mine, I haven’t opened the box yet. Thanks again, much appreciated!

yes v8rick, the company that makes the Searzall says to use a 16.4oz camping propane tank. According to the video above, Thank you so much for replying I appreciate it!