Hard Boiled Egg temperature in app is too low

I used my Anova for the first time to hardboil some eggs. The android app suggests 150.1 degrees F for 45 minutes. That is WAY too low and they came out as less than soft boiled. Further investigation shows the temp listed on the anova web site to be 170 degrees in one spot and 165 for 45 minutes in another. It seems like they should really tighten things up a bit and also correct the app to a high temp/time. Are the other recipes on the app this inaccurate? Should I always double check other sources before trusting the app?

SB, check your cooking plans at a reliable source to avoid the disappointing Ready - Fire - Aim experience. I don’t use the Anova guides because of the inconsistencies and culinary atrocities you discovered.

“Hardboied” SV eggs are SV cooked at 165ᴼF / 74ᴼC for 40 minutes. At higher temperatures they are getting into rubbery territory which some people enjoy, not me.

Eggs are something with a gazillion variables involved. Size. Freshness. Temperature. Shell thickness. Yolk to white ratio. Any one or two of these variations can have a large impact on the final outcome at any one temperature.

Eggs are really something that you need to experiment with and develop your own chart.

Why on earth would you want to make a hard-boiled egg with the Anova in 45 minutes if you can make it in a pot of boiling water in seven minutes? I just don’t get it.

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