Has anyone been able to resolve the Grinding/Rattling Issue?

I purchased an Anova One about 2 years ago and it’ve used it maybe 10 times over that time period. Recently the propeller shaft has become misaligned, causing it to brush up against the plastic endcap on the device, this causes an unpleasant rattling/grinding sound when it’s running. I did some research into this issue and noticed that tons of people are having this issue, but I haven’t found one suggestion that would fix it for me. So far I’ve tried:

  1. Making sure the metal sleeve and plastic endcap are aligned and tight
  2. Gently push the propeller shaft back into place (nothing happens when I do this, it just goes back to the misaligned position)
  3. Check to see if the prop shaft is bent (it’s not)

I’ve chatted with technical live support and they pretty much told me to do what I told them I already tried, then stopped responding to me, so I’m trying my luck with the community. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this? Otherwise my unit doesn’t have any other issues.

(deleted my original post as I realized after the fact I had suggested item #2 above) :slight_smile:

There’s really only two possibilities here:

  1. The shaft is bent further up in the housing (possibly where it joins to the motor) where you can’t see it (most likely) - and, given how thin these shafts are, very easy to do when cleaning the unit.

  2. The mount point on the motor for the shaft is flawed/defective and has shifted, producing a mis-aligned propeller shaft (considerably less likely).

If it was me, I’d take it apart, but I’m quite mechanically inclined (taken many electronics, phones, etc apart over the years). If you ARE similarly inclined, I’d likely do the same and then be able to effect a repair of whatever is bent/misaligned.

Unsure how similar the Anova One teardown would be to the PC, but here’s the PC’s disassembly: https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Anova+Precision+Cooker+BT+WiFi+Teardown/69177

And comments on taking the Anova One apart: https://www.reddit.com/r/sousvide/comments/52w89q/original_anova_heating_element_repair/

The “rub” being, you could use sufficient force to bend the prop back, but, that same amount of force could actually break something…making things considerably worse. Better to take it apart, find the root cause and repair it at the source (if you can).

If you aren’t so inclined, I’m sure you have a friend that is…enlist their help…bribe them with a nice meal after the fact, I’m sure they’ll be amenable. :slight_smile: