Has anyone cooked “Pre” brand....

Has anyone cooked “Pre” brand beef directly in the vacuum sealed packaging that it’s sold in? The packaging is BPA Free and i’d Like confirmation that it is safe. Any thoughts?

Kevin…yes. I have done several store “cryovac packs” Very convenient. I used to fight to take glued labels off worrying they would clog the impellor but then found they didnt come off during the cook. So basically it’s dump and go. Corned beef, pork tenderloin, Boneless skinless chix breast. Easy-Peasy.

I have had labels come off and it made a mess. I guess it depends on label and time.

Kevin, i’m not familiar with Pre, but rather than ask us why not ask the packer telling them how you plan to cook their beef? Ask to speak to their Quality Assurance Specialist, not their order desk people.

It’s not likely any responsible packer would sell anything unsafe for consumption, but in these days of Bayer/Monsanto ruled agriculture one can’t be too careful. The meat is likely being sourced from Australia or South America which gives you an added margin of health and safety over most widely available meat products.

Great, there are no lables in the Pre products. Thanks for the response.

Obviously, you won’t be able to season it, first. So that’s a pretty big drawback.

Grass fed beef can be pleasantly flavourful, particularly if it has benefitted from some moderate aging.

Kevin might discover that the Pre Top Sirloin will be delicious with just some seasoning before searing, and then a light application of a flaky salt and a few grinds of black pepper when served should be enough.