HB Eggs - what did I do wrong?

Looking for some guidance on what I might have done wrong on my first cook attempt.

I decided to go real easy and do some hard boiled eggs. The recipe on the app said to cook it at 155 for 45 minutes.

I let everything come to temperature and submerged my eggs. 45 minutes later I cracked my first egg and the whites were like milk.

Let it go another 15 minutes…same thing.

I made sure the water line was set properly so I am not sure where I have gone wrong.

Hi Todd. Welcome aboard.

We’ve had several people with a similar first post to yours, and the simplest response is that the time and temperature given in the app are wrong or perhaps misleading at best. It doesn’t give size of egg, for a start nor the starting temperature of the egg.

Eggs are one of the more difficult sous vide items. You’re actually fighting against the make up of the egg. The egg white, which is almost pure protein, requires a higher temperature to set completely than the higher fat content yolk. The white itself is in two parts, the firm white and the watery white. The watery white is what the firm white breaks down into as the egg ages. These also have different setting time/temp requirements.

I really don’t bother with sous vide for hard boiled eggs. For soft boiled that’s a different matter…

Hi @Todd_Mander

I’m not sure where you got that temperature. I myself don’t do hard boiled eggs using sous vide, but the temp that I’d do hard boiled at would be 165F, not 155F. Maybe the following chart will help some… (I see that you may need to download it to zoom in to read it as browser zoom in, at least in Chrome, seems to be problematic.)

Overall I’d agree with what @Ember said in her post, but here’s a link to an article that gives some pretty good information regarding sous vide hard boiled eggs…and more information is rarely “bad”.

Thank you